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Nov 9, 2021

Welcome to Part 2 of our 4-part series: Prepping Your Market Research & Insights Team for 2022.

As Market Research & Insights professionals, what did we learn in 2021 that we should leverage as we plan for 2022? Part 2 of our series focusses on the question: “What did we learn about improving survey data quality in 2021 that we should leverage as we plan for 2022?”   

This episode covered important survey research topics. including identifying bogus survey respondents, reducing sample quality risk, using multimode data collection and text-based survey invitations.


Hosted by Research Rockstar Lead Instructor Kathryn Korostoff, with fantastic guests, and true Research Rockstars, Jeffrey Henning and Cindy Casper (contact details below).


Jeffrey Henning
@jhenning on Twitter

Cindy Casper


Studies cited in this episode:

  • Jeffrey Henning cited interesting research by Pew Research about bogus survey participants. Check it out here:
  • Kathryn Korostoff cited research on multimode surveys, conducted by the University of Bern, Switzerland:

The 4-part series is being released on four consecutive Tuesdays starting November 2 on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Audible (Amazon).


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