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Jun 6, 2023

Have you ever conducted market research in support of Thought Leadership (TL) programs? Thought Leadership programs are used by companies in many industries, especially in B2B, and can be used to establish or strengthen their visibility in their market. Within TL programs, conducting survey research is very popular, as it provides a quick and compelling way to showcase data-driven insights. After all, there's nothing like a little data sound bite about what percentage of people have a specific attitude, need, or behavior to catch an eye or get an article in a newspaper.

But designing a questionnaire for a TL project is very different than designing a questionnaire for other market research purposes, such as market segmentation, message testing, product concept testing, or satisfaction studies. In this interview, Kathryn Korostoff speaks with Lilah Raynor, CEO of Logica Research, who generously provides practical tips for mitigating known risks when conducting TL research, as well as specific guidance for crafting questions and scales. Researchers who see Thought Leadership work in their future won't want to miss this episode!

About Our Guest: Lilah Raynor is the founder and CEO of Logica Research. Logica Research excels in creating customized marketing research solutions for complex business questions. Logica provides financial services companies, fintech companies, and growing organizations the insights they need for product development, service enhancements, and communications that will improve people's financial lives, deepen brand engagement, and drive business growth. 

Visit their website: Logica Research

Connect with Lilah Raynor on LinkedIn: Lilah Raynor


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