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Nov 2, 2022

As a Market Research & Insights professional, you have likely heard the term "insights democratization." The phrase invokes a vision of organizations that have numerous data sources, and data-based findings, that are seamlessly shared within and between various functional areas in a friction-free manner. Everyone with appropriate permissions has access to all the customer data they need--whether from behavioral data, transactional data, syndicated data, or primary market research data.
In this episode, Research Rockstar President Kathryn Korostoff interviews Thor Olof Philogene on this important topic, and they also discuss some of the innovative things his company, Stravito, is doing to advance this concept from aspiration to reality. 

Mentioned in this Conversation:
-- 2016 use of the term "Insights Democratization": "Keynote presentation by Ray Poynter (Excellent!) #MRIA16 #NewMR @raypoynter",
-- Thor Olof Philogene's, CEO of Stravito, LinkedIn: and company Twitter:
-- Ray Poynter, Chief Research Officer, Platform One, LinkedIn: and Twitter:
-- Annie Pettit, Chief Research Officer, E2E Research, LinkedIn: and Twitter:
-- Burberry study mentioned in the episode:
-- Forrester data mentioned in the episode:

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